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Work on Rwanda Tourism Database starts

The work to develop a database to collect and market all tourism products in the country has started. GOPA has been selected to create the database. The database will be under the direct control of RDB but involve many different stakeholders.
Work on Rwanda Tourism Database starts

Rwanda will soon have a new tourism database. The database will be directly managed by RDB but includes the support of all stakeholders involved in Rwanda’s tourism sector.

GOPA Worldwide Consultants have been contracted to develop the database. The database will have the functionality of having many different actors such as private companies, staff in the national parks and the countries destination management organizations in charge of updating various information in the database. Inicially, the database will be connected to Visit Rwanda’s website with the possibility of giving visitors to the website to deper information on all the countries experiences, tours hotels, national parks and other tourism products. Part of the project is also creating an brand new Visit Rwanda app which will show all the content on the database. The app will be a new tool with updated information for visitors to Rwanda. It will assist visitors in planning their trip before and during their stay. 

Apart from showcasing content on the Visit Rwanda website and the new Visit Rwanda App, there will be solutions for embedding content from the database to any website in the future. Integrations will be available through embedding widgets, iframes or through API.

The Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit will be updating crucial information about the tourism offers in the Kivu Belt in close collaboration with the destination’s private sector. 

Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit

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The Kivu Belt DMU is a coalition of private and public tourism related actors working towards a common goal of developing the Kivu Belt as a sustainable adventure and eco-tourism destination.

The main objective is economic development and job creation in the Kivu Belt through sustainable development of tourism

The Kivu Belt is a part of Rwanda’s Chamber of Tourism

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