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Start of project to upgrade Rubavu Public Beach

The project to develop Rubavu Public Beach is now well underway. Stylos Consultants have taken the lead on discussions with stakeholders and creating a concept plan based on existing infrastructure and cadastral data from One Stop Center in Rubavu.
Start of project to upgrade Rubavu Public Beach

The development project to upgrade Rubavu Public Beach and to pedestrianize parts of Avenue de la Cooperation has started. The beach is currently under the management of Rubavu District and in need a poor state due to the lack of funding. Rubavu District has concluded that the beach will be better managed by the private sector. A project to determine needed services and costs associated with them in order find a private operator for the beach is being led by Stylos Consultants. Meetings with boat drivers, vendors and beach photographers started on the 10th of September followed by consultations with business owners close to the beach and local tour operators over the weekend.

The scope of the project is also to look into the possibility to shut parts of Avenue de la Cooperation for traffic and transform it into a beach promenade, possibly with restaurants, shops and cafés. A site visit to the road and discussions with business owners took has also started.

Rubavu District hopes to become the touristic gateway of the Kivu Belt. In order to attract more visitors, Rubavu needs to upgrade the public beach which in turn has the potential to transform the town and attract more investments. Rubavu District is currently working on this project together with Rwanda Development Board, The Chamber of Tourism and German Cooperation for International Development. The project aims to have a concept and a plan for the beach and Avenue de la Cooperation by the end of October and a private operator managing the beach by the end of 2021. 

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The Kivu Belt DMU is a coalition of private and public tourism related actors working towards a common goal of developing the Kivu Belt as a sustainable adventure and eco-tourism destination.

The main objective is economic development and job creation in the Kivu Belt through sustainable development of tourism

The Kivu Belt is a part of Rwanda’s Chamber of Tourism

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