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Rubavu Beach Project presented to stakeholders

The feasibility study for the development of Rubavu Public Beach and turning Avenue de La Cooperation into a pedestrian street was presented during a meeting in Hill View Hotel in Rubavu.
Rubavu Beach Project presented to stakeholders

A delegation from the Netherlands visited Rubavu from the 25th to the 29th of October. In the delegation were members from VNG International, Municipality of Rheden and Van Hall Larenstein University. The visit to Rubavu was the end of a 5 year collaboration with Rubavu as support in local administration. During the visit the delegation presented the Rubavu Boulevard, an urban development plan for the entire lakefront of the town was presented. The plan has been done by the Van Hall Larenstein University based on several visits to Rubavu and dialogue with several groups and local stakeholders. 

During the presentation, Stylos consultants presented the first draft of the feasibility study for the private management of Rubavu beach and the pedestrianization of Avenue de la Cooperation. 

The presentations were followed by discussions and inputs by the over 30 participants from several important institutions, companies an local residents. The next phase of this project is funding for the implementation of the plan and to complete the feasibility study as a basis for Expressions of Interests for the private management of the beach. 

Find the entire Rubavu Boulevard Project for download here:

Rubavu Boulevard

The process of developing Rubavu Beach and turning Avenue de la Cooperation into pedestrian street continues. The feasibility study is planned to be finished at the end November, when local and government stakeholders will be invited for further discussions. The feasibility study will then form the basis for Expressions of Interest from the private sector for the private management of the beach. The plan is to have a drafted management agreements between Rubavu District and  private operators managing the beach by early 2022. 

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