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Island Conservation Training for boat operators in Karongi

In partnership with Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association 25 boat operators and guides have been trained on using species identification and conservations on 6 islands in Lake Kivu
Island Conservation Training for boat operators in Karongi

The first of two sets of trainings on species identification and conservation has been completed wuith 25 boat operators and guides in Karongi. During a 2 week long training with teachers from 5 universities and experts in biology and conservation, the 25 participants have learned how to identify and report sightings of a range of species. The training has been completed on identification of insects, plants, birds and mammals.

The operators are normally working with tourists on the island. This training will help them give better information to guests improving their experience of visiting Lake Kivu. The 25 operators normally visit the islands almost daily and are therefore in a unique position to monitor the biology on the islands. For the coming year the boat operators will report sightings of various species to the universities. This data will be used to monitor the selected species.

The islands in Lake Kivu are sensitive and a last refugee for many important species such as straw colored fruit bats, snakes and insects. 


Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit

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The Kivu Belt DMU is a coalition of private and public tourism related actors working towards a common goal of developing the Kivu Belt as a sustainable adventure and eco-tourism destination.

The main objective is economic development and job creation in the Kivu Belt through sustainable development of tourism

The Kivu Belt is a part of Rwanda’s Chamber of Tourism

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